My Name and My Game

If you are anything like me, you don’t have much time to read blogs, so I’ll skip the cushy introductions and get straight to the point:


My childhood was rough. I am not one for sob stories so I am not gonna bore you with examples of how bad it is because no one really gives a fuck anyway. A wise quote for all of you: “I don’t tell people my problems, because 80% of them don’t give a fuck and the other 20% are glad I have them.” A quote to live by gentlemen.


Bottom line is there was a lot of drama, a lot of manipulation, and a lot of treachery in my younger days. Once we pass by all of that, we arrive at a 16 year old me. 16 year old me was a real moron. He was 320lbs, 37% bodyfat, barely talked to girls and didn’t know the first thing about interacting with them. He was a piece of shit and a coward who would back down to any confrontation because he “picked his battles” yet there were never any battles to pick because he pussied out of all of them. Even though that sixteen year old me is only two years in my past, it feels like a lifetime ago. Why is that you might ask? Well, because every single thing that I was, I am no longer. I’ve lost over 70lbs of fat, I’ve reevaluated my entire perspective on life and my tolerance for bullshit has dropped to a level where it has never been before.


So you may be thinking at this point “What changed? How did you change? What is your secret?” The major event that set this entire avalanche into effect was the death of my Grandmother. She was more of a mother to me than my real mother ever was. She went downhill quite quickly, dying within 6 days of being at the hospital. After she was dead, I didn’t cry. I actually felt bad that no tears were shed for the first year that she was in the ground. A switch was flipped inside me and suddenly I didn’t have time to cry, nor to listen to other people cry or bitch. Perhaps it was because I found out that life was actually finite, or perhaps it was because I wasn’t proud of the person who I was at the time that she died. She saw the best in me, under my layers of fat, my disregard of personal health, my propensity to be walked upon, and my ability to break into tears at the smallest emotional slight. She saw my potential, and what I could be before I saw it myself. Regardless as to the cause of this transformation; the effects were immediate: I started lifting and eating right, I learned about “The Red Pill,” I read philosophical and stoical works, woke up at 05:30, took cold showers, learned to box, among many other lifestyle changes. I quickly cutout a lot of the bullshit in my life, namely my mother and all of her drama. As well as other family members who only want to hold me back and stifle my potential.


So who am I now? I am a fighter. I am the one person who no one will fuck with. I love work, no matter what kind, for it is a challenge that I can conquer. I currently am 250lbs(70lbs down in just under two years), losing 2lbs/week, lifting 4 times a week, working 30 hours a week, going to college, and having four business’ with this blog included. I’m on a high speed bus to crazy town, just where I want to be. I don’t like downtime, I hate holidays because they are so unproductive, I need to be running towards something every day or I will lose a hold of myself and who I am.


So now we get down to the real question, why make a blog? Well, the answer is simple. If I can convince one person to change for the better, and to help them out of their rut with my writing, then my job has been accomplished. If I hadn’t found the bloggers that I read, then I would never had been on this amazing path in life. I wake up everyday trying to hustle, to improve people’s lives, and improve my own. If you are reading till this point then it is clear that you want to change, you know it, I know it. Give into it. Change, go build something, set goals and achieve them. Build your body, build your brand, build your mind, build a birdhouse, it is all up to you. If you were born then you’ve already won the lottery, don’t take it for granted and work for someones elses success. Make your own success, forge it from the iron that is your craft. Make the world bend to your will, or die trying.


Till Valhalla,