How to Know the Difference From Their Work, and Your Work

Good day, Gents. Today we’re going to talk about work. We all love work, right? If you don’t love work then why are you here? This is a post for people who love to put in work, if you’re not in that group then get lost. It’s important to know the difference between your work and their work. Let me explain:


Imagine this in your head: You’re working a 12 hour day, your content because you love work so it doesn’t phase you. However, you have that feeling deep in your gut. Every time you stand still you feel your body grow restless, you fidget your hands and tap your feet, your eyes wander into the distance. That feeling in your gut is trying to point something out to you, however that something always seems to be just over the horizon. Your mind grows tired of the mundane nature of this work, it yearns for something more.


This is my interpretation of Their Work. We are all on a mission, be it for building up our mind, our body, our spirit, our ability in a subject. However, when we do Their Work, we are working on their mission, not our own. We are all different, we all have unique ideas, visions, missions. If we didn’t that what would separate us? We will never be happy doing someone else’s mission. We could have brief moments of happiness doing someone else’s mission, but be warned, this is never permanent. You will always return to your state of discontentment.


Here’s another image: You just worked a 12 hour day. But you wouldn’t of known if there were no clocks around. You knew your goal, you knew how to do it, and you knew that you wouldn’t stop until your goal was achieved. You made a pact to you yourself that you would never quit, never settle, and never compromise. Your mission is at your mercy, and it will always be. For your mind is a formidable weapon.


This is my interpretation of Your Work. The concept of time eluded you, you never took any shortcuts, never exhibited any laziness. You worked, you ate food and drank water, then you went back to work. You were gleeful at the opportunity to get back to work. You don’t just love this work. You live for this work. You know deep down that unless your doing this work, doing your work that you will never be satisfied and you will always yearn for that seemingly unreachable goal.


Next time you are at your boring 9-5, or in an HR meeting, think about what you would rather be doing. You’ve thought of a lot of better things to do, right? Now, the next time you are in the gym, think about what you would rather be doing. Did you think of anything? Neither did I. When you’re in the gym, your being the best kind of selfish you can be. You are building your body. If you are ever in a situation where you can think of a better thing to do, do it. Do it and dedicate 110% of yourself to that. For that is your mission, and that is your life.


Till Valhalla,