Never Be Stagnant.

Stagnation. Even the word sounds putrid, like it had been sitting in the sun for a week and started to rot. Anything stagnate in life attracts bad things. Stagnant water breeds disease and filth, stagnant people do the same. It is as much a condition as it is a word. Chronically stagnant people are who you need to look out for, they will drag you into their vortex quicker than you realize. I’ve been stagnant before, I become it every now and then, until I snap myself out of it and get back to grinding. Speaking of grinding, why do we do anything in life? Why do we work? Why do we have kids? What is the meaning of life?


The answer to all of these is quite easy if you frame life as a whole in a certain way. Life is a game, a game that forces you against your will to play. The only reward you get from playing life is death. Sounds fun, right? Some don’t realize that they are playing, and they will sit in their reverie of pseudo immortality and think they will live forever, up until they die, with no fulfillment, no passion, and no discipline. Honestly, I will be glad when they die, because it makes way for someone who is more hungry, who has passion, discipline, and will be fulfilled.


We, as humans, try to find meaning in everything, life is no different. So, why have kids? Because it grants you a feeling of immortality by passing on some of yourself to the next generation. Why do we work? Most work their dreary 9-5’s thinking that eventually they will climb the corporate ladder and find fulfillment at the top, though they never will. Anything we do in life, be it kids, work, health, or personal satisfaction, is solely so we can progress and continue the game of life. So we can put up what we think is a good fight against the gods. So we can tell them we win and they lose, even though they will just laugh in our face and make life just that much harder for us. But then again, I never liked easy, and neither did you, right? So I’m still gonna win, and when I do, I am going to scream out to the gods of my triumph and the cycle will repeat till my demise.


The bottom line is: The Reaper is coming for ALL of us, our time is limited. How I see it, the best we can do is live like we’re going to die tomorrow, because we very well could. So drive fast, smoke cigars, do whatever the fuck makes you happy. If you spend everyday trying to prolong your life, did you really ever live at all? This is where I(and most likely you) cease to understand the vast population: Why go and waste your life away doing someone else’s work? Why not grind on your own? I can deduce that most don’t want to work toward it, maybe they are content at another job. The important thing to focus on is that you nor I are one of those people. We take what we want, we won’t stop till it is ours.


Give zero fucks and conquer the world. That’s all I have to say.


-Till Valhalla